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Governor’s Advisory Commission Members

Gubernatorial Appointees

R. King Milling, Chairman—(At-Large)

Karen Gautreaux, Vice-Chairwoman—(At-Large)

Steven Adams—(Commercial Fishing)

Lauren Averill—(Political Subdivisions)

Ralph Babin—(Agriculture)

Robin Barnes—(Business and Industry)

Ralph Brennan—(Business and Industry)

Chett Chiasson—(Ports and Related Industries

Steve Cochran—(Non-profit)

James Cox—(Agriculture)

David Cresson—(Recreational Fishing)

Mark Davis—(Academic)

Sean Duffy—(Maritime)

Richard Eglé—(At-Large)

Alan Front—(Conservation)

Tyler Gray—(Energy Production and Distribution)

Dale Hall—(Conservation)

Channing Hayden—(Ports and Related Industries)

Tanner Johnson—(At-Large)

Joel Landry—(Landowner)

Christopher Macaluso—(At-Large)

Simone Maloz—(Non-profit)

Dr. Earl Melancon—(Academic)

Stacy Methvin—(Energy Production and Distribution)

Mayor Mark Piazza—(Political Subdivisions)

Rudy Sparks—(Landowner)

Dr. Robert Stewart—(At-Large)

Alfred Sunseri—(Oyster Industry)

Association of Levee Boards of Louisiana Appointees

Dwayne Bourgeois

Reggie Dupre

Legislative Appointees

Rep. Stuart Bishop

Sen. Norby Chabert

Rep. Raymond Garofalo

Sen. Sharon Hewitt

Sen. Dan “Blade” Morrish

Rep. Jerome Zeringue